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Mind Your Reality is the essential online resource for mind power and manifesting. Here you will learn how to apply your mind's power and imagination to intentionally create your reality and manifest the life you desire. Moreover, you will learn about the Universal Laws, Universal Mind, how to improve yourself and every area of your life, how to create positive relationships, how to heal yourself and others and more. The articles on this website are unmatched in their depth and breadth and each one has been written by Tania Kotsos, the author of the award-winning book The Adventure of I, with the earnest desire to positively change the mindset and life of the reader!


The ultimate purpose of Mind Your Reality is for you to know yourself—your True Self. When you remember who you truly are, an untold greatness within you will come to be reflected in both your inner and outer worlds. By remembering your True Self—the mighty I AM—you can begin to consciously direct your mental world and in turn your physical world through what you imagine and the actions that follow. Everything becomes possible to the person who knows they are both the sculptor and the marble that the sculptor shapes into what he imagines—that they are both the dreamer and the dream itself. Your True Self is not someone outside of you that you must discover—it is YOU, always has been and always will be. To discover who you truly are, therefore, is to remember who you have always been. So let's get started on this incredible adventure of the I within.

EXPLORING THE SITE: If you are a first-time visitor, I suggest you carry on reading this page before moving on to the categories and tools. All categories and other options are also available through the top menu or navigation bar. If you're new to the idea of mind power and manifesting, I generally suggest you start exploring the categories in the order they are presented starting with Mind Power, and then read their respective list of articles starting from the bottom. In an attempt to make each article stand alone, some ideas are repeated while others are linked within an article for your deeper understanding. Remember to READ—LEARN—APPLY—ENJOY!


Your mind is more powerful than perhaps you have ever dared to imagine. Mind power is not something you must acquire; you already possess it in its full potential. You need only learn to apply it. Minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, day-by-day as you apply what you learn, as you reap the rewards, as you see miracles unfold, the time will come when you will just know. No 'ifs', no 'buts', no 'what ifs'—you will just know that through the power of your mind, it is you that creates your circumstances by way of what you think, believe, feel, assume and imagine. It is simple but do not be misled into thinking it is easy to unlearn what you have been taught to believe to date. Learning to effectively and intelligently apply your mind power is the greatest task you will ever undertake and for the same reason, the rewards you reap will more than compensate you for the greatest of your efforts.


The premise of Mind Your Reality is that the underlying substance of the Universe is energy and that this energy is very much alive with Consciousness or Mind. In fact, behind everything seen and unseen, you find consciousness and more specifically a single Consciousness that is absolute in nature. This single Consciousness goes by the name Universal Mind. Being absolute, it is present everywhere at the same time in Its entirety. This means that your mind is Universal Mind in Its entirety, not just part of it. And since consciousness is behind reality, then your consciousness is behind your reality. More specifically, your experience of reality is a projection of your consciousness, in the same way that your dreams are wholly a projection of your consciousness.

This means that you can intentionally create your circumstances by intelligently directing your mind's power. To maximise your experience of this game that we call Life, you must learn to use the mind's tool, called thought, while also playing by the Rules of the Game. The Rules are the Universal Laws that govern everything and everyone along, otherwise, unconscious lines. Manifesting or conscious creation is not about visualizing and affirming what you desire all day while doing nothing in the 3D world to affect that change. Rather, it is about using your mind to change what you assume about yourself, about others and about life so that the actions you take both mentally and physically, and the conditions that follow, change to match those assumptions.

If you are not consciously creating your life, you have little advantage over a tree. A tree cannot consciously choose whether today it will grow and tomorrow it will not. Its life is wholly governed by the unconscious operations of the Universal Laws. In contrast, you can become self-aware of your consciousness and hence choose the direction of your mind's activities.

By knowing your true nature and the Universal Laws, you get to claim your mind's power and so transform your life in any direction you choose, no matter how far away from your ideal you may deem yourself right now. You have the greatest freedom of all—the freedom of choice. Every day you get to choose your mindset. Every day you get to choose what to think, feel, believe and assume is possible for you. Every day you get to choose what actions to take, even it is just one step forward in favour of living a more fulfilling life. Every day you get to choose, you get to choose, you get to choose... And as you do so wisely, your experience of reality will begin to resemble that which it was always intended to be—the highest expression of a life well-lived.

It is through self-awareness, observation, self-discipline and the application of knowledge that you find freedom—not by chasing an elusive promise of happiness down a worn-out path. Joy is not a destination. It is an inner state of being. And it's your natural state.

Change the invisible and the visible will follow. Reality is in the I of the beholder!



The Power of the Mind ArticlesTHE POWER OF THE MIND: The articles in this category are on the subject of mind power and consciousness. Here you will learn about the power of your mind at the varying degrees of consciousness, as well as Universal Mind and The Absolute—in short, all things related to mind power. Understanding the inherent nature of your mind power is the first step towards gaining mastery over your inner world and, in turn, learning how to purposefully create the life you desire. All is Mind. You do not have a mind, you are mind.

Universal Laws ArticlesTHE UNIVERSAL LAWS: These articles are on the Universal Laws that govern everything and everyone, both visible and invisible, along unconscious lines. You will learn about the seven Hermetic Laws, as well as other Principles such as the Law of Attraction, and how they come to affect your inner and outer circumstances, both wanted and unwanted. These Laws are fundamental to your life, to your understanding of your mind's power and to manifesting your desires. The Laws seek neither to punish nor reward you—they are your impersonal guides.

Higher Self Articles YOUR HIGHER SELF: The articles in this category are aimed at remembering who you truly are—your True Self that is the I within. To remember, you need only turn inwards. Here you will discover the highest degree of your mind's immeasurable power. As your Higher Self you know that your 3D outer world is but a shadow—a projection or illusion—of your consciousness. You can laser-focus your imagination, making it the blueprint for your desired life. This is to discover that the 'Kingdom of Heaven' truly is within and that the Real You is King. Reality is in the I of the beholder.

Manifesting Your Dreams Articles MANIFESTING YOUR DREAMS: Here you will find articles about manifesting your dreams and more specifically how you can create your reality through your mind power. Understanding the true nature of reality—that the Universe is Mental—empowers you to truly know and believe that you can indeed change your circumstances through the "lense" of your mind's power—your imagination. Dare to assume you can live your heart’s desires. Physical reality is akin to a dream. You are dreaming! You are both the dreamer and the first-person protagonist in your dream.

How to Manifest Anything Articles HOW TO MANIFEST ANYTHING: Here you'll find articles on manifesting techniques aimed for consciously creating your reality through your mind's power. From creative visualisation to affirmations to scripting and more, you will learn how to manifest anything. All techniques are aimed at attaining the feeling that you already are or possess what you desire to be or have. Study them, apply them with consistency, and in time you may no longer need them because they will have become a way of life. These techniques are tools not magic—your mind is where the power lies.

Personal Development Articles PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: These articles are about personal development and self-improvement. Your growth at the personal level goes hand-in-hand with consciously creating your reality. Your personality, with its perceived strengths, weakness and beliefs, is only the mask you have learnt to wear in the theatre of life. It is always open to change. And when you change what you believe about yourself and life, your experience will reflect those changes. To improve your life, you must improve yourself not others or outside things.

Positive Relationships Articles POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS: These articles are about creating fulfilling, positive relationships by learning to transform, improve and maintain your relationships as you desire them to be. The foundation of all your relationships is the one you have with yourself. Self-love is in fact the premise for loving others. In your experience of reality, everyone is your mirror. What you assume about yourself, about relationships and about others is what you looks back at you in the mirror of reality. There is no need to force or manipulate others to change. There's no one to change but Self.

Healing with the Mind HEALING WITH THE MIND: These articles are about healing yourself and others through the power of your mind. Health and overall well-being are the foundation of life and while there is much focus on the psychosomatic effects of wrong thinking, the healing effects of right-thinking have been overlooked. Release from your mind anything you've been told is impossible or incurable, and open yourself up to the idea of miracles. There is no more noble purpose for using your mind power than for healing. Your body believes every word you say. It is always listening!

Greek Philosophy Articles GREEK PHILOSOPHY: These articles focus on the timeless wisdom expressed through the writings of the Greek philosophers, which when understood and applied, has the power to create miracles in your life. From Pythagoras to Heraclitus and from Homer to Plato, the Greeks have left us a legacy of untold wealth. The two key Delphic maxims alone—"Know Thyself" and "Nothing in Excess"—are two of the most powerful instructions any human being can come to know and follow. No knowledge is complete without that which the fathers of philosophy gave us!

New Thought Authors Articles NEW THOUGHT AUTHORS: The late 19th and early-to-middle 20th centuries saw the emergence of the New Thought movement. Here you'll find excerpts from the masterpieces that were written at the time on mind power and more. These articles feature those New Thought authors whose works have allowed us to stand on their mental shoulders to see the world from a higher vantage point. William Walker Atkinson, Charles F. Haanel, James Allen, Neville Goddard, Thomas Troward and George Gurdjieff are some of the mental giants to whom I am indebted.

ABOUT THE SITE: The Mind Your Reality website was launched in July 2008 and founded on the ideal of mind power. All articles were updated in 2020 as was the design of the site, while new articles are added on a regular basis. I encourage you to visit the site regularly and to sign up to the newsletter to be informed of new articles, courses, podcasts, and other developments. You can also follow me, Tania Kotsos, on Mind Your Reality's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Finally, I have decided to keep the website completely ad-free for your reading and learning pleasure. I truly trust that you will enjoy the experience!



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