Bypass Negative Beliefs when Manifesting

Override Negative Beliefs for Manifesting

Are your negative or limiting beliefs holding your manifesting success hostage? In this article you will learn to bypass your negative beliefs and overcome the resistance they may be causing when manifesting. Trying to visualize and manifest a desire that directly contradicts one or more of your core negative beliefs may leave you spinning your wheels, as those beliefs negate what you imagine. And in fact, the more you try to imagine what you want, the more you get what you do not want. Why? Because of the Universal Laws and how they work but more on that later.

Override Negative Beliefs without Changing Them

You most certainly can overcome your core negative beliefs by first identifying them and then reprogramming the subconscious mind to replace them with positive beliefs. But you do not have to wait to uproot them before imagining what you want to create for yourself. The Mental By-Product Technique outlined below helps you to bypass negative beliefs when manifesting, more so if you have tried to visualize your intended outcome but have not seen its manifestation as yet. This is akin to taking a different road to reach your destination, one that you know has fewer obstacles.

The Universal Laws of Attraction, Vibration and Polarity

The Laws of Attraction and Vibration bring to you your vibrational matches and it is your core beliefs that largely determine your vibration in each area of life. This means that trying to create something different in an area of your life that is underpinned by a negative belief may prove more difficult than trying to create something that is underpinned by a positive belief or that has no deep-rooted beliefs.

The Importance of Overriding Negative Beliefs

The Law of Polarity tells us that the opposites are the same only different in degree. This means that if you are imagining something that is the opposite of a negative belief, you may keep on getting more of your unwanted circumstances because the negative belief itself has not changed and so it is still determining your vibration. It should be obvious, therefore, that it is very important to learn to bypass negative beliefs wherever possible.

The Reversal of Progress Caused by Negative Beliefs

Unchanged underlying negative beliefs also explain why even if you do attain your desire through your imagination or otherwise, you may find your progress unravelling sooner or later. For instance, a person who loses weight by imagining themselves being slim or even by just adopting healthier eating habits usually struggles to keep the weight off and finds themselves back at their unwanted weight in months or even years to come. This is because they have negative beliefs somewhere along the lines of 'I am fat' and since those negative beliefs were not changed, they continued to run the show. The same applies to someone who always struggled with money but by some 'luck' comes into a windfall; they too sooner or later usually find themselves without money for the same reason.

Effective Mental Focus to Bypass Limiting Beliefs

Place your mental focus on what you want at the exclusion of all else. Sound familiar? You are likely to have heard this advice countless times stated in different ways. On the surface, this may sound like good, solid advice about how to consciously create your reality but dig a little deeper and you may find that it is the very reason you fail to do so. This is not because the advice itself is wrong, but rather because the circumstances under which it is prescribed are unsuitable, and in this case, the underlying negative beliefs make it unsuitable.

The secret to effective mental focus lies in knowing how to distinguish between when to focus on what you want and when not to; and in the case of the latter, knowing what to focus on instead. This is where the Mental By-Product Technique comes into play to bypass negative beliefs but before examining it, let us take a quick look at when you should focus on what you want.

When to Focus on What You Want

Mentally imagine exactly what you desire when it is something you do not have an existing negative belief about and of course more so when you have an underlying positive belief or no strong beliefs either way. For instance, if you enjoy keeping fit and want to run a marathon, you can imagine yourself running one and feeling the satisfaction of completing it. If you have your own business and want to increase sales, you can imagine doubling or tripling your sales and experience the joy of your customers. If you are an avid traveller and want to experience a great travelling adventure, you can imagine experiencing your chosen destination in the present moment. So how can you tell if your underlying belief is negative? Well, if you currently have the opposite of what you want in your life, then chances are you have a negative belief related to what you desire.

The Magic of Beginners Luck

Beginners luck is little more than having no negative beliefs associated with what you are doing for the first time. When doing something for the first time, a so-called beginner has no experience or negative belief about what he or she is doing and usually no attachment to the outcome either. This means that there is nothing to stand in the way of his or her efforts.

When NOT to Focus on What You Want

It stands to reason that if you should focus on what you want when your underlying belief is positive, then you should not focus on what you want when the underlying belief is negative. The problem is that we tend to desire those things we currently have the opposite of, whereas this usually means that there is a negative belief underlying our current experience. An obvious question is: if you should not focus on what you want, then what should you focus on? And the answer lies in learning to bypass negative beliefs.

The Mental By-Product Technique in Theory

The Mental By-Product Technique is a very powerful method that you can use to bypass negative beliefs when consciously creating your reality. The solution is to imagine something that is a by-product of your desire but not specifically your desire. In other words, imagine something that you do not have a specific negative belief about but that in order to experience it, you must also have what you actually desire. This may sound complicated but it is very simple. Think outside the box and keep away from specifics.

As long as your subconscious mind does not have an existing negative or opposing belief to contradict that by-product image, then it will not negate what you are imagining. In other words, it is a way of granting yourself beginners luck and is even more effective when the by-product image is based on an existing positive belief. The by-product that you choose to focus on should resonate with you and the less it is related to your existing negative belief, the better it is.

Bypassing Negative Beliefs in Practice: Example #1

If you want to attract a trustworthy partner but have a negative belief about faithfulness in a relationship then just the thought of 'trust' may bring up feelings of anxiety and imagining a trustworthy partner may in that moment bring up all the memories that created the negative belief in the first instance. So how do you bypass negative beliefs in this example? Instead of specifically focussing on someone you can trust, focus on having a loving relationship with your partner.

For instance, you can imagine experiencing a fun activity together, laughing and feeling totally confident and at peace. Or else see yourself totally at ease as you go about your day-to-day tasks, looking forward to seeing your partner later during the day. Each of these scenes implies that you trust your partner even though you are not focussing on the specifics of a trustworthy partner. Instead, you are focussing on a by-product of having a partner you trust.

...Bypassing Negative Beliefs in Practice: Example #2

If you want to shed some weight, just the thought of imagining your desired weight on your scale may trigger anxiety or feelings of 'I can never do it'. Instead of specifically focusing on yourself being slim or on a number on the scale, bypass negative beliefs by imagining yourself wearing the most beautiful clothes you have always wanted to wear at your ideal weight and feeling gorgeous in those clothes. Let the feeling be on the clothes and the confidence you feel wearing them, rather than on the idea of losing weight or being thin. And to keep the weight off, imagine a whole new wardrobe and wearing your slim-fitting clothes years down the line. This implies you've kept the weight off otherwise you wouldn't have changed your wardrobe, yet your focus has not been on the weight.

...Bypassing Negative Beliefs in Practice: Example #3

If you are struggling financially and want to improve your finances then just the thought of having enough money to pay your bills may leave you feeling despondent or anxious. Instead of specifically focussing on paying your bills, bypass the negative beliefs by seeing yourself giving your money away. For instance, imagine joyfully donating to a charity that you believe in or even starting a charity yourself. Or else, imagine yourself giving expensive gifts to your family and friends that they may want and feel their joy in return. Giving your money away in this way implies that you already do have money and probably much more than you need to cover just your basics. But since your mental focus is not on paying your bills your negative belief is unlikely to negate what you are imagining because you have no beliefs about giving your money away.

Your Negative Beliefs Will Also Change

Bypassing negative beliefs in this way with the Mental By-Product Technique can also change your negative beliefs at the same time. Since the Law of Polarity also applies to your beliefs then within each of your negative beliefs there is the potential for its equivalent but opposite positive belief. By consistently imagining a by-product of your desire without specifically focussing on the desire itself, your subconscious mind will readily replace an existing negative belief with its positive equivalent that you are indirectly focussing on.

In simple terms, by keeping your subconscious mind pre-occupied with an image it has no negative beliefs about, it will in time overwrite those negative beliefs that do not match the new beliefs you are creating around the by-product image. This is because the subconscious mind is impersonal and does not evaluate whether something is positive or negative—it simply carries out what it is programmed to do. And when two instructions contradict each other, the stronger one usually 'wins'. And in this case your new positive beliefs are stronger because you have been focusing on them, even if indirectly, at the exclusion of the existing negative ones.


In a nutshell, simply focussing on what you desire can derail your attempts to consciously create your ideal reality when you have an existing negative belief underlying your desire. The Laws of Attraction, Vibration and Polarity may work together to bring you what you want but if you are trying to imagine the opposite of something you have a negative belief about, you may just get more of the same unwanted circumstances. To manifest your desires in the face of a negative belief you can learn to bypass negative beliefs so that they don't interfere with what you're wanting to create. You can do so with the Mental By-Product Technique, which is to imagine something that is a by-product of what you want but not specifically what you want. This keeps your subconscious mind from overriding what you've imagined and ensures the manifestation of your desire, while also helping to transmute your negative beliefs into their positive equivalents.

Written by Tania Kotsos
First Published: 16 January 2011
Last Updated: 21 November 2020


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