Conscious Creation - How Thought Creates Matter

The Conscious Creation Process

Conscious creation is the process by which the intentional concentration of one's mind or thoughts on a mental image gives rise to the manifestation of that image into form in the 3D world. This article essentially explains why and how your thoughts create your reality.

There are three fundamental axioms upon which conscious creation rests: 1) everything is energy, 2) everything vibrates at a specific frequency, and 3) all things visible and invisible are manifestations or corresponding projections of these energetic frequencies through the activity of the One Universal Mind. And since there is only one Universal Mind or Consciousness, your mind is Universal Mind in its entirety, giving rise to form through your own thinking that you experience as reality.

The Three Axioms of Conscious Creation

The underlying substance of the Universe is energy, and this energy vibrates at specific rates of vibration or frequencies. And these specific frequencies have corresponding manifestations or projections whether visible or invisible to us. Matching energy frequencies attract each other as like-vibration attracts like-vibration and thinking, whether conscious or not, is the creative activity of Universal Mind that gives rise to form. This is the foundation of the conscious creation process, and more specifically of how you create your reality consciously, or in other words intentionally. We will now take a look at each of these axioms in turn and how, together with the factor of time, they complete the equation of the transmutation of 'energy' into 'form' that is conscious creation.

Axiom #1 of Conscious Creation: All is Mind

Once again, the first axiom of conscious creation is that the underlying substance of the Universe is energy, or more specifically Mind or Consciousness where the terms are used interchangeably. It is the first of the seven Universal Laws, namely the Law of Mentalism that states everything—be it a grain of sand, a thought, or a human being—is Mind. You do not have a mind—your underlying essence is Mind. And more specifically your mind is one with the One Universal Mind of the All-Powerful Absolute.

Axiom #2 of Conscious Creation: Everything Vibrates

The second axiom of conscious creation is that everything vibrates at different frequencies or rates of vibration. This is also one of the seven Universal Laws, namely the Law of Vibration. Together with the first axiom, it means that everything visible and invisible is Mind vibrating at different rates of vibration. The Law of Attraction then tells us that like-vibration attracts like-vibration, whereby the vibration of a specific thought 'attracts' to the thinker its equivalent vibration in form.

Axiom #3 of Conscious Creation: Universal Mind Creates

The third axiom of the conscious creation process is that all things visible and invisible are created by the activity of Universal Mind. And since the activity of mind is thinking, everything is created through Universal Mind's thinking. Importantly, the thinking process of Universal Mind is impersonal and along unconscious lines without the need for any conscious input, which means that any thought impressed on Universal Mind persistently enough and under the right conditions will be actualised into form. Any thought and from any source, including you as the source of the thought!

Judge Thomas Troward, the New Thought author of the 1904 Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science, expressed thought's creative power as follows: "the action of Mind [thought] plants that nucleus which, if allowed to grow undisturbed, will eventually attract to itself all the conditions necessary for its manifestation in outward visible form."

Your Mind is Universal Mind

The definition of Universal Mind as being Omnipresent and Absolute means It is present everywhere at the same time in Its entirety. This then means that your mind must be Universal Mind in Its entirety. Not that your mind is a part of Universal Mind and another person's mind is another part of Universal Mind—that is relative, not absolute. Your mind is Universal Mind and, therefore, when you think, Universal Mind thinks. And what you think, is precisely what Universal Mind thinks. This is the essence of the power of your thoughts and of why it is you that creates your own reality through conscious creation.

Conscious Thinking vs Unconscious Thinking

Once again, since the activity of Mind is thought, or more specifically thinking, then it is thought that is creative. And thought here refers to all your mental activities, including what you think, what you imagine, what you feel, what you believe, what you assume to be true and so on. What distinguishes human beings from the animal kingdom and human beings between each other is their ability to think consciously. Or in other words, the ability to consciously choose your thoughts and hence consciously create your own reality.

How Your Mind Projects Reality

By consciously choosing what you think, you intentionally impress your thoughts upon Universal Mind because, as we've seen, what you think Universal Mind precisely thinks. And the environment in which you plant your mental seeds is determined by the nature of your inner world.

Mental soil nourished with joy, gratitude and faith makes for the most fertile soil in which to plant your mental seeds for conscious creation. Whereas mental soil that is lacking in faith and is waterlogged with extreme emotions and attachment will make it challenging for your seeds to grow, although not necessarily impossible. Under the right conditions, therefore, concentrated thought begins the process of purposefully transmuting mind in its pure potential state into mind in its actualised visible state, which is the 3D form you experience in your 3D world.

This is the essence of conscious creation and it applies to anything you wish to create in your experience from the material to the abstract. And bear in mind once again that the term 'thought' and 'thinking' includes all your mental activities—what you think, imagine, assume, believe and feel.

The Factor of Time in Conscious Creation

Time is an important factor to adjust for in the conscious creation process. On the Spiritual Plane, there is no time as we know it and there is no time lag between cause and effect. This means that the corresponding manifestation of thought is instantaneous such that they appear inseparable. In contrast, the Physical and Mental Planes (albeit to a lesser degree in the latter) are subject to our experience of time and space thereby creating a time lag between the concentrated thought (cause) and its eventual manifestation (effect).

You must, therefore, allow for the passage of time between mentally focussing on your desire and its corresponding physical manifestation. Rest assured that your desire has already manifested in the Spiritual Plane and it is only a matter of time before it manifests in the Physical Plane because the former has directive power over the latter.

The Necessary Incubation Period

The necessary time for the transmutation of mind into 3D form in the conscious creation process is called the incubation period, which is present throughout nature and the 3D world. In any pregnancy, time must elapse from the moment of conception to the moment of birth. In gardening, time must elapse from the moment of planting a seed beneath the soil to the moment of the first shoots appearing above it. Even in the baking of a cake, time must elapse from the moment of placing the cake pan with the raw batter in the oven to the moment of having a perfectly baked cake.

You Can't Eat Your Cake While Baking It

Surely you do not expect to eat your cake a minute after popping it into the oven. Why then would you expect to see your desire in full 3D form upon opening your eyes after having imagined it? What you can know in that moment is to assume that your wish has already been fulfilled. Conscious creation is already done the moment you imagined it and if left undisturbed and under the right conditions, it will be actualised into form. In the same way that you know your cake is already done the moment you place it in the oven and if left undisturbed and under the right baking conditions, it will be actualised into form. You don't wonder if you will get to enjoy your cake, you know you will!

The Benefit of Time in Conscious Creation

With this analogy in mind, by understanding that an incubation period must pass for the 'birth' of all things in the 3D world then detachment and patience should come naturally. Moreover, this time-lapse is very beneficial because it prevents the immediate actualisation of your unwanted thoughts in the 3D Physical Plane. Time gives you the time to change your mind.

Can you imagine the chaos that would ensue on the Physical Plane if everyone's thoughts, concentrated or not, were immediately actualised in form? Be grateful for the passage of time, therefore, and use it to your advantage by persisting in your imagination. It is a waste of time to wonder if what you have imagined will come to pass when by Law it must, if left undisturbed.

Neville Goddard's Bridge of Incident

In keeping with the theme of time, a series of events will take place during this incubation period to bring about what you desire once you have imagined it purposefully and assumed it to be real. The New Thought author Neville Goddard coined the term 'The Bridge of Incident' in naming this series of events, which essentially provides a sense of continuity and realism on the 3D Physical Plane in order to make this illusion of 'me and outside things and people' more believable.

Nevertheless, the exact events that will take place between the time you imagine your desire and when it is actualised are none of your concern and in many cases, you couldn't have possibly thought them up even if you wanted to. Indeed, in the words of Mark Twain, "Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn't."

The Conscious Creation Formula

Bringing everything together, here is a simple formula for the conscious creation process:
Static Mind (mind in stasis)
Thought—Imagination (mind in action)
Time Bridge (incubation period)
Manifestation (bridge of incidents)
3D Experience (attracted to source/thinker).

And finally, Neville Goddard summed up conscious creation quite poetically when he said "This is the secret of those who lie in bed awake while they dream things true. They know how to live in their dream until, in fact, they do just that. Man, through the medium of a controlled, waking dream, can predetermine his future. That imaginal activity, of living in the feeling of the wish fulfilled, leads man across a bridge of incident to the fulfillment of the dream. If we live in the dream—thinking from it, and not of it—then the creative power of imagining will answer our adventurous fancy, and the wish fulfilled will break in upon us and take us unawares."

And about time in the context of conscious creation, he had this to say "Once you have planted this seed in your imagination, do not uproot it by being anxious about how it will be accomplished. Each seed has its own appointed time. Some seeds take a few days; others a little longer. Feel confident that what you have planted will appear in your world." Give the seeds you consciously plant in your imagination the time to grow. Do not pull on their first shoots to help them along, lest you pull too hard and uproot them. Time's most faithful companions are persistence and patience.


In a nutshell, conscious creation is the process whereby concentrated thought gives rise to the manifestation of its corresponding form in the Physical Plane. A consequent series of events take place over time, bridging the gap between when you imagined your desire and its subsequent manifestation in the Physical Plane. From the very first moment, however, you can assume the state of your wish fulfilled because it has already been created in the Spiritual Plane. Your ability to choose what you think, believe and imagine gives you the power to purposefully create your own reality because your mind is one and the same with Universal Mind. With patience and persistence, what you mentally imagine and believe to be real will materialise in your physical world through the conscious creation process if left uninterrupted and under the right conditions.

Written by Tania Kotsos
Date Published: 4 December 2010
Last Updated: 12 September 2021


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