Detaching from the Outcome

Detaching from the Outcome

Detaching from the outcome you want to see manifest is important when manifesting your dreams and desires. In this article you will learn how to detach with faith. To be attached is to live in fear that what you want will not materialise and traps you in a continuous state of desire. Attachment to anything or anyone transmutes peace of mind into fear and belief into doubt. In contrast, the power of faith founded on understanding, allows you to detach from the outcome. When you have faith you can choose what you want, rather than getting lost in a state of desire.

Attachment is Giving Away Your Power

When you attach yourself to a specific person's actions or words or to a certain outcome, you give your power away to external forces and circumstances. In effect, you give away your power to create your reality because you are too busy thinking of your current circumstances. To be attached to anything or anyone is to tell yourself that you are somehow incomplete without that person, thing or event in your life. And in so doing you fall from the higher vantage point of 'my experience is a projection of my consciousness' to 'everyone and everything is separate to me'.

By not detaching from the outcome, you also fail to see the divine perfection in what is, as it is, and that in fact, it is all a projection of your consciousness. Attachment also gives rise to a desperate need to control the process and a sense of doubt as to whether what you want will ever manifest. Attachment breeds doubt and as the great Lebanese poet, Khalil Gibran, wrote: "Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother".

Detachment Transmutes Desire into Choice

Paradoxically, to keep desiring something tends to keep that desire away from you because to desire something is to acknowledge its absence in your life. You cannot desire what you already have, and to create your reality consciously you must believe that you already have it. By detaching from the outcome you can be certain of its manifestation, and in so doing your desire becomes your choice.

Your choice is your intention, it is your will to experience something. Choice transforms "what could be" into "what is" and dissolves doubt. You no longer desire something to happen, you choose for it to happen. As your True Self, you express your will. Your will is not a forceful expression of self-control. Rather, true will power is to declare something done through your wonderful imagination because you know you are one and the same with the All-Creative Universal Mind. You have the free will to create the reality you choose. Consciously and wisely choose what you want to experience, imagine and feel that you already have it and have faith that by Law it must come into your life. It is faith that makes detaching from the outcome effortless.

The Power of Faith in Detaching

When you detach yourself from the outcome you will instantly feel your doubt and fear transforming into a deep sense of knowing and certainty. This is the power of faith. Faith is the route to true detachment and it empowers you to willingly leave the how up to the Omnipotence of the One Universal Mind. To have faith does not mean to sit back and wish things could be different. It is to relax in the knowledge that your choice has already manifested in the Spiritual Plane from which all things manifest and to take inspired action towards that outcome manifesting in your 3D experience.

Faith is not blind. On the contrary, it is the clearest you will ever see. Real faith is "the evidence of things not seen and the substance of things hoped for" [Hebrews 11:1]. Faith has the eyes to see what your physical eyes are blind to, the ears to hear what your physical ears are deaf to, and the hands to feel that which is imperceptible to your touch.

Signs You're Attached to the Outcome

Feeling a sense of panic or a need to control the process whether in your day-to-day thoughts or when using any of the manifesting techniques, is a sure sign that you are in a state of attachment. At that moment, relax and remind yourself that in the conscious creation process, time is an illusion of the Physical Plane and that whatever you have imagined and felt to be real, will by Law manifest in your experience. You can only ever be in control when you have no need to control. Detaching from the outcome means you no longer need to control it.

Making Detachment Effortless

Detaching from the outcome is effortless when you understand and accept the Truth that you are one and the same with the one Universal Mind through which everything is created with no question about what you may believe is possible or not and with no judgement. And since Universal Mind is Omnipresent and absolute in nature, by mathematical definition your mind is Universal Mind in Its entirety. What you think, It thinks and what you impress on your subconscious mind through your imagination, you impress upon Universal Mind because they are the same mind.

When you know this and accept the logical consequences of this Truth, detaching from the outcome and faith are never in question because since the One Mind that creates is your mind, how could you ever doubt that you create your reality through your imagination. And the fastest route is to remember who you truly are—your True Self, the mighty I within.

How Can You Want What You Already Have?

To detach from the outcome you want to see manifest is not the same as no longer wanting whatever it is you want in the sense that you don't care. It is about feeling that you already have it, so how could you want it? Detachment is to feel so calmly certain of its manifestation in your life that you no longer have to worry, wonder or even think about it. But even when you do think about it, which is quite natural, you can be filled with joy and gratitude in that moment, rather than fear and anxiety. With the power of detachment comes a lightness of being that accompanies letting go.

Letting Go Allows for Flow

When you are attached to the manifestation of a specific outcome, you place yourself in a state of resistance to what is, and as the saying goes "what you resist persists". In contrast, detaching from the outcome allows you to let things go, which shifts your state into one of non-resistance that allows life to flow. This is the state that allows your desires to manifest, and in the shortest time period, because you have consciously chosen what you want. Letting go strengthens your thought power because you align yourself with the Law of Attraction that like-vibration attracts like-vibration. When you are detached, life becomes a game to be enjoyed.

The Freedom of Choice

Detaching from the outcome allows you to experience life at its fullest expression. You open yourself up to experiences and events infinitely more joyful than perhaps even those that you initially desired for yourself. When you adopt this attitude, you can say 'this or something better'. Not to appease yourself but as a litmus test for your degree of detachment. If the thought of 'something better' causes you to be anxious, just remind yourself that 'something better' simply means a better expression of what you have already imagined or something better altogether—either way, you have nothing to lose.

Detach from the Fear of Not Detaching

I have found in my experience that feeling it real when visualizing your ideal and persisting in imagining a scene that implies your wish fulfilled, is the most powerful manifesting technique whether you fully detach from the outcome or not. Detachment makes manifesting effortless but it doesn't prevent it. I am not telling you this so that you can remain attached. Rather, my intention is to give you the freedom to detach. Whatever you do, relax and enjoy using your imagination. The more seriously you approach it, the more serious and heavy you make it, which tends to fuel attachment.

Learn to view any initial attachment you may experience as 'learning the ropes' and the 'nervousness' that a beginner must master in anything he/she attempts for the first time. It is better to imagine what you desire than not to imagine at all just because you fear that not detaching from the outcome means that it won't materialize. Either way, the more you consciously imagine what you want to experience and take the natural actions that arise thereafter, and the more your desires do manifest in the 3D world as a result, any sense of attachment will naturally fall away because faith will have taken its place.


In a nutshell, the power of detachment is your ally in creating what you desire and in the shortest period of time. Detaching from the outcome transmutes your desires into conscious choices, knowing that you already have whatever you imagine and feel to be real. And the effortless route to detachment is faith. When you know you are One with the Universal Mind and that everything in your outside world is but an illusory projection of mind, detachment becomes effortless and faith is certain. To be attached to the outcome is to live in fear that it will not manifest, while faith makes detachment effortless because you know it already has.

Written by Tania Kotsos
Date Published: 22 December 2008
Last Updated: 12 October 2020


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