Feeling is the Secret

How Would You Feel if You Already Had Your Desire

Feeling is the secret behind your circumstances and their manifestation. How you feel, or what you are feeling, is the single most important factor that determines the quality of your life because it determines your mental frequency and hence what you attract or project into the experience of your 3D reality.

Feeling that you already have your desire is the third step in creative visualization for manifesting your desires, but can also be used for any purpose when wanting to create change in your life. Feel it real, and it will become real.

What it Means to 'Feel it Real'?

To 'feel it real' means to feel that your wish has already been fulfilled. The creative power of your imagination is powered by your conviction in what you are imagining by way of what you are feeling. And your conviction is how convinced you are that you already have what you're imagining. You can go ahead and imagine anything you want, use any technique you fancy, but if you are not feeling it, then it is little more than day-dreaming. Your creative power lies in what you are feeling—feeling is the secret, not the technique or the mental image or anything else. And that is a good thing, given all the negative thoughts and images we entertain with little or no thought for them.

'Feeling is the Secret' by Neville Goddard

The catch-phrase 'feeling is the secret' was coined by the New Thought author, Neville Goddard, in his book by the same name. What follows is a quote from his book that perfectly captures this principle that feeling is the secret to creating one's circumstances as well as the importance of why you must learn to control how you feel.

"Ideas are impressed on the subconscious through the medium of feeling. No idea can be impressed on the subconscious until it is felt, but once felt – be it good, bad or indifferent – it must be expressed. Feeling is the one and only medium through which ideas are conveyed to the subconscious. Therefore, the man who does not control his feeling may easily impress the subconscious with undesirable states. By control of feeling is not meant restraint or suppression of your feeling, but rather the disciplining of self to imagine and entertain only such feeling as contributes to your happiness. Control of your feeling is all important to a full and happy life."—Neville Goddard (excerpt from the book 'Feeling is the Secret', 1944)

How to Feel Your Desires into Existence

So how do you feel it real when visualizing what you desire to experience? Ask yourself: How would I feel if I already had what I desire right now? Well, how would you feel? On first attaining something you desire, you may feel ecstatic or extremely happy. This is all good and well and abides by the principle of feeling is the secret because it's the feeling that counts.

But if you really, really knew you had your desire, and it was truly yours, and it was the most natural thing in the world to have and to hold it, how would you feel then? Well, how do you feel about all those great things you already have in your life, for which you are certain of their possession? Do you think about them all day? Do you have pent-up or extreme emotions about them? No, no—you simply have them. You know they are yours on every level. And you are grateful.

Gratitude is an Attitude of Grace

There is no more direct route to applying this truth that feeling is the secret than maintaining a feeling of gratitude. Gratitude is an inner state of being thankful for having what you already have and for having what you once wanted. It is an inner state of knowing you already have what you want. Gratitude is not about jumping up and down with excitement or any other emotion. The word 'gratitude' has its roots in the word 'grace' (remember we say grace), so gratitude is an attitude of grace. Be graceful in what you imagine and feel, which is to 'tread lightly' and remain light-hearted.

You Can Only Desire What You Do Not Have

When you're imagining what you desire, make sure that you do not remain in the state of desiring. You can only desire what you do not have. When you have something you do not desire it, instead you are grateful for it. You feel the kind of joy that is an inner feeling of peaceful contentment and appreciation for life, unlike happiness that is usually a temporary reaction to outside events. When you feel it real, your 'wants' become 'haves' and your desires become tangibly real. Since feeling is the secret, maintaining a feeling of desire means you do not have what you want, and so you don't.

From Emotional Reactions to Feeling it Real

The principle of feeling is the secret is not about always being happy or maintaining a constant state of happiness. In fact, feeling in this sense is not exactly the same as feeling an emotion. An emotion is usually a response to an outside event whereas the feeling that you already have something is an inner state of being that is usually not accompanied by emotions, or at least not extreme ones. Of course, you can have emotions about the things you want to experience, more so upon their initial attainment. When you start off imagining something you want for the first time, you may experience a range of emotional reactions from happiness at the thought of its possible attainment, to sadness at the thought of its absence in your life.

The Subconscious Mind Does Not Distinguish

The more you imagine your desire in the present moment as if you already possess it, the more real it will feel to you because the creative subconscious mind does not distinguish between what you have felt to be real through your imagination and what you have physically experienced. This is why the feeling is the secret to manifesting what you desire.

And the more persistent you are in feeling that you have and are what you want to experience in the present moment and with no concern for your physical world circumstances, the more your mind will become accustomed to your imaginings. And in this way, the time will come when those initial aforementioned emotional reactions will begin to dissipate because what you will be imagining will feel more natural to you, and they will be replaced by a calm sense of knowing and certainty.

When You Do Not Know What it Would Feel Like

Now you may have felt most emotions to a certain degree on both sides of the spectrum, but what if you have never felt the feeling of having your specific desire and so do not know what it feels like? The first thing you can do is ask yourself: well, how would I feel if I did know how it felt to have it? And see what comes up for you. You can also act as if you already have it, even if it feels like you are pretending at first. Again, the more you persist in this 'as if' way, the more your mind will become accustomed to what you are imagining and it will feel more and more natural to you, until such time that you no longer have to pretend because you will have gained the feeling of its attainment.

The Movie Technique for Feeling it Real

Another helpful technique to get into a feeling that may be foreign to you, is to imagine watching the fulfillment of your desire as if from the outside, in the same way that you watch a movie. Imagine yourself being and doing whatever it is you desire. Really study yourself, your attitude, your posture, your reactions and how you feel in that 'movie' just like you would get a feel for a character in an actual movie you are watching. The more you study yourself in this way, the more natural it will once more feel to you, until such time that you can assume the feelings that you have been viewing as your own, and imagine the experience from a first-person perspective.

Feeling is the Secret to Believing

It may go without saying but it's worth noting that you must feel that you already have your desire in the present moment, not sometime in the future. Imagining your ideal outcome in the future keeps it out of reach because by default you are acknowledging that you do not have it right now. So feel what it would feel like to have, be and do that which you desire NOW. Remember that whatever you imagine is instantaneously created in the Spiritual Plane as part of the conscious creation process, and the more real it feels, the more power it has to naturally materialize in the Physical Plane in time. Feeling it real is believing it is real!

The Most Natural Thing in the World

You will know that you have attained the feeling of your wish fulfilled when thinking about its experience feels natural to you. When something feels natural to you, it has become part of your nature. Once you have attained this feeling of naturalness for what you are imagining, you may have a rather strange feeling that you no longer want it. Do not panic, this too is natural. It may seem paradoxical, but the reason you may feel like you no longer want it is because you believe that you already have it, even if it has not as yet materialized in your outer 3D Physical Plane.

This feeling of naturalness can be attained in your very first visualization session or it may take longer—weeks or even months of visualizing every day. When that moment comes for you, you may feel like there is no longer any need to visualize for that specific outcome and if that's the case then, by all means, stop visualizing while maintaining the faith that it is indeed yours. You may also see your imaginings, or at least signs thereof, materializing before you have fully attained this feeling of naturalness, in which case I suggest that you carry on imagining until it does feel natural. The principle of feeling is the secret to manifesting your desires, therefore, rests on a feeling of naturalness.

The Inner Smile Technique

A great way to experience and ensure you maintain a positive mental attitude during your creative visualization sessions is to smile gently—the kind of smile that extends to your inner world. Try it now. Thinking of nothing in specific, just smile gently and see how your mental attitude changes instantly. Smile gently throughout your sessions, or when you are counting backwards to mentally relax, and you'll find it far easier and more enjoyable to imagine yourself experiencing your desire in the present moment and feeling its fulfilment.

Because of its immediate physiological effect on the mind, you can also use this simple technique throughout the day when you think of your desire or just to boost your overall feeling or mental frequency. It is a very powerful technique that directly supports the principle of feeling is the secret, and shouldn't be overlooked based on its simplicity.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

Endeavour to maintain an overall positive mental attitude during your creative visualization sessions, as well as in your day-to-day life. It is of little use feeling it real, believing that feeling is the secret and being positive for twenty minutes a day only to entertain negative thoughts, doubts and resistance for the rest of the day. Whenever you think of your desire, remind yourself how wonderful it is that it has already been fulfilled and get on with your day, putting it out of your mind.

Do not look for signs everywhere, do not wonder where it is, do not talk about it and do not test to see if it is 'working' by taking premature actions. After all, when you have assumed the feeling of already having something, you no longer think about it as much, and even if you do, your most natural reaction should be a sense of gratitude for its fulfilment.

Immerse Yourself in the Wish Fulfilled

The bottom line is to assume the feeling of already having your desire, rather than trying to get the image exactly right or choosing the right technique. Let your imagination give rise to the feeling of the wish fulfilled without forcing it or anything else. When you persist in what you imagine, the time will come that it no longer feels like a desire because it just feels so real.

Just like a deep-sea diver dives into the water and is immersed in it, immerse yourself in the feeling of your wish fulfilled. Surrender yourself to the feeling of your wish fulfilled. Persist in the feeling and the time will come when that feeling is all you know. You will have felt it real, it will feel natural and by Law, it will come to pass!

Once you have learnt how to relax your mind, use your imagination and feel that you already have your desire, you can move on to the fourth step in the creative visualization process: How to Believe for Manifesting.


In a nutshell, the third step in creative visualization is to learn how to feel it real, or in other words, how to assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled. This is to feel how it would feel to already be experiencing your intended outcome in the present moment, not sometime in the future. The creative power of any mental image is determined by your persistence in imagining it and the degree to which you feel true conviction in it. When you have something, its possession feels natural to you without much emotional reaction. And the more you imagine your desire, in the present moment without concern for your 3D outer circumstances, the more and more real it will feel to you, and then it is only a matter of time before it is manifested in the Physical Plane. As Neville Goddard told us, feeling is indeed the secret.

Written by Tania Kotsos
Date Published: 8 November 2010
Last Updated: 12 October 2020


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