How to Believe for Manifesting

Believe in Your Wish Fulfilled for Manifesting

How to believe you already have what you desire when manifesting is a matter of faith based on knowledge. Believing you have already received is the fourth step in the creative visualization process. This is not about wishful thinking or deceiving yourself. It is about knowing the truth of the mental nature of the Universe and having the kind of faith that is the "evidence of things not seen". To believe something in this way is to know it is true, so much so that you no longer have to think about it. And as the saying goes "you'll see it when you believe it".

The Power of Belief

By imagining your desire to the point of self-persuasion, to the point where its possession feels real, then you believe it. To believe in something is to know it's real. You no longer have to think about it. When you believe you already have your desire—that it is done—you do not assume a state of expectation or wondering where it is because you already have it. Instead, you assume the state of your wish fulfilled. In the words of the New Thought author, Neville Goddard, "the assumption of the feeling of the wish fulfilled makes the future dream a present fact". And the instruction for prayer from the Bible's Mark 11:24 could not be clearer: "What things soever you ask for when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you shall have them". So the pre-requisite to receiving is to believe. This instruction for prayer is also the instruction for how to believe, which is to believe you have received.

How to Believe with Certainty

Bring to your mind something which you already possess with absolute certainty be it the roof over your head, your eyesight, your car or even just knowing where your next income is going to come from. Notice how your body and mind react to having something with such certainty. You are likely to feel no tension, no stress, no worry, no wondering where it is, no hoping—just the peace of mind that comes with knowing. Allow yourself to fully experience this state of knowing what it means to have something. This then is the same feeling of belief you want to assume when imagining your desires during creative visualization. Know that it is real!

Believing follows Feeling

To believe what you have imagined is real, naturally follows the step of feeling it real. Where feeling something to be real in the moment evokes a feeling of naturalness, believing is what sustains it. The main benefit of learning how to believe that you have already attained your desire, therefore, is in maintaining the feeling of your wish fulfilled after your visualization sessions.

Take What You Want for Granted

The power of belief is taking what you want for granted, meaning to believe that it has already been given to you, it has been granted, there is no doubt. Take your desires for granted to the point of no longer desiring them, not because you do not care if they materialise or not but because you know they already have, even if not yet visible to your physical eyes. When you believe you have your desire, you will no longer wonder where it is. This is the simplest answer to how to believe.

Believing without Arrogance or Desperation

When learning how to believe in what you have imagined, be careful not to fall into the trap of arrogance on the one hand or a sense of desperation on the other. And the way to do so is through gratitude. Taking something for granted is usually associated with not being grateful but this need not be the case. You can be grateful when watching a glorious sunrise, yet still take it for granted that the sun will rise the next day.

Be Grateful for Already Having Received

Be grateful for all that you have, including everything you have imagined for yourself and others, knowing it has already been granted—creation is done. Being grateful also prevents you from swaying to emotional extremes that are then subject to the Law of Rhythm. Once again, do not be arrogant or conceited in the assumption of your wish fulfilled. And likewise, do not be desperate or assume a state of begging for its fulfillment. Have faith and be grateful. Have faith in the power of your mind. Have faith in your imagination. Have faith in the conscious creation process. Have faith in the Universal Laws. Know that your mind is Universal Mind. And when you know that your True Self that is doing the imagining is one with the Absolute or God, you know there is nothing outside of you to beg, plead or bargain with.

Mind Power is Not Forceful

The ability of your mind to manifest or project what you persistently imagine is its power but it is not a force. To force something to change is to believe that you have to exert some kind of manipulation or control over your outside world. You do not need to force anyone or anything in your outside world to change. All you need to do is imagine, feel and believe the changes that you want to see and assume their fulfillment. By persistently feeling what you imagine to be real in the present moment, your mind will believe it and then its manifestation is a matter of time—it's a done deal.

What the Mind Believes, It Conceives

What the mind believes, it conceives and more specifically, it projects in the physical 3D world that is wholly a projection of your consciousness. If you are feeling forceful remind yourself that you do not need to force anything because your mind is one and the same with Universal Mind in Its entirety. True power comes from letting things flow into existence not from forcing them. Force belongs to the degree of consciousness of the Physical Plane of 'me and outside things and people' and it is the last resort of the person who is ignorant of the fact that everything changes by changing one's mind through imagination. Learning how to believe is founded in your inherent thought power not in your misguided belief that you need to force change.

How to Believe through Repetition

Whatever you repeat often enough, whether it serves you or not, is accepted as being true by your subconscious mind. This is because your subconscious mind does not distinguish between something that is physically real and what you have felt to be real through your imagination. What you believe and assume to be true is what the subconscious mind accepts as being real and what it sets out to create. Essentially, your circumstances reveal the core beliefs of your personal belief system.

By repeatedly imagining your desire as a wish fulfilled daily, preferably twice a day, you will program your creative subconscious mind to believe in its existence and so the projection of that 'thing' in your outer world will change to match your new belief about it. Your outer world changes in accordance with your inner world, not the other way around—this is the essence of thought power. As much as the subconscious mind does not distinguish between what it has experienced physically and what it has experienced through your imagination, nor does it distinguish between what serves you or not. It will create anything you believe with conviction, which highlights the importance of learning how to believe in this way.

Think FROM, Not OF Your Desire

Among the great teachings of the New Thought author Neville Goddard, is also his instruction to live and think from the state of your wish fulfilled—not to think of your desire. When you think of your desire you view it as being outside of your experience with the hope that one day it may manifest. In contrast, when you live and think from the state of your desire, you are living, thinking and feeling from the state of your wish already fulfilled. Instead of thinking, for instance, of the dream house that you want to purchase, think from it. Imagine yourself in your new home, enjoying your new kitchen as you prepare a wonderful meal, perhaps waiting for your guests to arrive or even hearing their voices from another room. This is the difference between thinking 'of' and living 'from'.

Let's take a look at this instruction in his own words: "Now you can do this with everything. An objective, a desire, is an egg, which you can penetrate and occupy. You can move right into it and view the world from it. Don’t think of it; view the world from it, which implies that you are in it. Then feel the relief, the satisfaction, of being there. Do this and no power in the world can stop you from realizing that state. "—Neville Goddard

To Believe is Not Wishful Thinking

Knowing how to believe is not about hoping that something will happen, it is about knowing that it already has. By understanding the conscious creation process, that the manifested world is but a projection of your consciousness, that the Universe is Mental and that your mind is Universal Mind in Its entirety, your belief can then come to rest on the shoulders of Truth. And when how and what you believe is backed by knowledge, you will have unshakable faith in the creative power of the invisible over the visible. The kind of faith that, once again, is "the evidence of things not seen, the substance of things hoped for".

When you believe that you already have what you have imagined to be real, the fifth step in the creative visualization process will come naturally: How to Detach when Manifesting.


In a nutshell, the fourth step in the creative visualization process is to learn how to believe that you already are or possess what you have imagined. Although believing you already have something when it is not present in your physical reality may appear difficult at first, it will help to remember that everything you are already experiencing in the physical realm has its origin in your thoughts and beliefs. What you believe is what you receive. Learning how to believe, founded on an understanding of the mental nature of the Universe, goes a long way in sustaining the feeling that you already have your desire beyond just your creative visualization session.

Written by Tania Kotsos
Date Published: 8 November 2010
Last Updated: 15 April 2022


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