These articles are about manifestation and the techniques you can apply to manifest something you want through your mind's power. One can define 'how to manifest' as assuming the feeling that you already are or possess what you desire to be or have, while also leaving the old life and limiting beliefs behind. It is, however, often overlooked that the success of your manifesting efforts is directly related to your self-concpet, which is what you assume to be true about yourself, life and others. It makes sense, therefore, to work on your self-concept before trying to manifest (or at least at the same time). Study and consistently apply the manifestation techniques below but remember, they are tools not magic—it is your mind that has the power to manifest what you want through your imagination.

How to Manifest Something | Mind Your RealityHow to Manifest Something | Mind Your Reality


  1. The Conscious Creation Process
  2. Know Your Why
  3. Creative Visualization 6-Step Guide
  4. How to Relax Your Mind for Creative Visualization [STEP-1]
  5. How To Use Your Imagination For Creative Visualization [STEP-2]
  6. Feeling Is The Secret To Manifesting Something [STEP-3]
  7. How to Believe for Manifesting [STEP-4]
  8. How to Detach for Manifesting [STEP-5]
  9. How to Take Inspired Action [STEP-6]
  10. The Power of Belief
  11. Detaching from the Outcome
  12. Knowing When to Give Up and How
  13. Stop Tempting Fate—Keep Quiet
  14. How to Bypass Negative Beliefs
  15. The Mind-Body Connection for Healing
  16. How to Manifest Someone


How to Manifest Someone icon

How to Manifest Someone: This is the ultimate guide on how to manifest someone; anyone. To manifest a specific person, you must assume the consciousness of the desired relationship and shift your self-concept to match a person who would have such a relationship. There's no need to force, beg or manipulate anyone to change, and doing so only causes frustration, pushing them further away. There is no one to change but you.

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Mind-Body Connection icon

The Mind-Body Connection for Healing: Understanding the mind-body connection and more specifically the directive power of mind-over-body, is the first step to learning how to manifest healing for yourself and others with the power of your mind. The physical body is subjective, meaning it is subject to direction, and your mind is objective, meaning that the body will follow its instructions.

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Negative Beliefs icon

How to Bypass Negative Beliefs: The Mental By-Product Technique is a powerful manifesting technique that bypasses or overrides your subconscious negative beliefs that otherwise prevent you from manifesting a specific desire. This manifesting hack gets you to imagine something that is a by-product of what you want, but not specifically what you want, so as not to trigger the underlying negative belief.

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Keep Quiet icon

Stop Tempting Fate—Keep Quiet: Do you feel like you are tempting fate each time you want to manifest something and then speak about it? Do you find that speaking about your manifestations somehow halts them in their tracks? What most people believe is to 'tempt fate', is the interruption of the manifestation process, as well as exposure to the thoughts of others. The only way not to tempt fate is to keep quiet, say nothing of your heart's desires.

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Power of Giving Up icon

Knowing When to Give Up and How: Quite paradoxically, giving up may be one of the most powerful steps you can take when manifesting your ideal reality be it a specific desire or broader changes. This may contradict mainstream advice of never giving up, but knowing why, when and how to give up can be the exact reason that you actually see your manifestation show up in the end. To give up is to let go; to give what you want up to a Higher Power.

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Detachment and Faith icon

Detaching from the Outcome: Detachment is fundamental to manifesting what you want. To be attached is to live in fear that what you want won't materialise and traps you in a continuous state of desire. In contrast, detachment is knowing your desire has already manifested in the invisible plane from which all things come. Learn how to attain and feel the certainty of your manifestations with faith.

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Power of Belief icon

The Power of Belief: When creating or manifesting your reality you must believe that you already possess or are, in the present moment, whatever you desire to have or be. And the secret behind belief is to take what you want for granted, meaning to believe that it has already been received. Assume the state of your wish already fulfilled with gratitude, and know that by Law it must come to pass.

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Take Action icon

How to Take Inspired Action [STEP-6]: Taking action is an obvious but often overlooked step when learning to create or manifest something. Most people think that imagination alone manifests, but it is not so. Action is a must, and more specifically inspired (not forced or random) action. Inspired action feels natural and purposeful, and fulfills the opportunities that arise as a result of maintaining an inner state of your wish fulfilled.

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Detachment icon

How to Detach for Manifesting [STEP-5]: To detach yourself from your intended outcome when manifesting does not mean to no longer care or want it. Rather, detachment is born out of being so certain of its manifestation that there is no room for attachment or doubt. When you are attached you are 'stuck' in the illusion of outside people and things instead of knowing that your reality is a projection of consciousness.

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Present Moment icon

How to Believe for Manifesting [STEP-4]: Learn how to believe you already have your desire in the present moment. This is not wishful thinking. To believe is to know the true nature of reality and your mind's incredible creative power. Discover how to develop the kind of faith that is the "evidence of things not seen, the substance of things hoped for", and how to believe you can manifest anything you want.

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Feeling is the Secret icon

Feeling is the Secret to Manifesting Something [STEP-3]: To manifest something you desire with your imagination, you must learn how to 'feel it real'. This means to feel what it would feel like if you already had your desire, or else, to assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled as Neville Goddard told us. When you feel what you're imagining to be real, it feels like the most natural thing in the world.

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Imagination icon

How to Use Your Imagination for Creative Visualization [STEP-2]: Learn to use your imagination effectively whether it be for manifesting something specific or for any purpose. Your imagination is not fanciful. To the contrary, whatever you persistently imagine as if you are already experiencing it, will by Law come to pass in the 3D world. Learn how to harness the very power that is behind your reality.

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Relax Your Mind icon

How to Relax Your Mind for Creative Visualization [STEP-1]: Contrary to popular belief, learning how to manifest your desires or achieve your goals starts with relaxation, not action. By learning how to relax your mind and body, you gain access to the creative power of your subconscious mind. By first entering a meditative state, you can then purposefully impress your intentions on your subconscious mind.

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Creative Visualization icon

Creative Visualization 6-Step Guide: The ability to visualize your desire in the present moment while in a state of deep relaxation is one of the fundamental manifesting techniques when learning how to manifest. This is called creative visualization and is the process of using your mind's imagining faculties to imagine, feel and vibrationally match what you want to experience. This is the basis of the Law of Attraction and manifesting.

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Know Your Why icon

Know Your Why: When manifesting what you want, ask yourself 'why do I want it?' and really discover your reason. Only when you know the reason will your desire become necessary to you. And when something is necessary, your imaginings become more tangible, your efforts more persistent and your inner world more patient. Necessity is not desperation. It awakens the will, and where there's a will there's a way!

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Conscious Creation Process icon

The Conscious Creation Process: Learn what manifesting is and why you create your reality through your thinking. Understand the conscious creation process whereby concentrated thought gives rise to the manifestation of its corresponding form in the 3D world through the transmutation of energy and the passage of time. This article will plant your manifesting efforts on a firm foundation.

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Quotes About Manifesting What You Want

"Imagination and faith are the secrets of creation. The great secret is a controlled imagination and a well-sustained attention, firmly and repeatedly focused on the object to be accomplished. Imagination is seeing with the eye of God."—Neville Goddard

"Learning how to manifest something you desire is simple but it's not easy to unlearn all you have learnt to believe to date about reality and your place in it. Keep an open mind, dive deep into the manifesting techniques, persist, have patience and soon manifesting your dreams and desires will feel natural to you."—Tania Kotsos

"The ideal you seek and hope to attain will not manifest itself, will not be realized by you, until you have imagined that you are already that ideal."—Neville Goddard



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