How to Take Inspired Action for Manifesting

Taking Inspired Action to Manifest Your Desires

To take inspired action is the last step in manifesting when using creative visualization or any manifesting technique. Many people, however, overlook this step. It is also the reason why conscious creation is often rejected by others as it's deemed silly or naive to believe in manifesting through imagination alone, without taking action.

Nevertheless, taking action is a key step in creating the life you desire and attaining your goals, as mental action begets physical action. Instead of taking just any action, the purposeful actions you take as a result of assuming the state of your wish fulfilled is not just any action, it is inspired action. And you can use the principles outlined in this article with or without creative visualization.

As Within, So Without

The second of the Universal Laws—the Law of Correspondence—tells us that "as within, so without", which means that the mental actions you take inwardly must be followed by physical actions outwardly when action is called for. Think about it this way: your current circumstances, both wanted and unwanted, are yes a projection of your consciousness but have manifested as a result of the actions you have taken as a result of what you've been imagining and believing to date.

The Necessity of Inspired Action

Conscious creation is not about visualizing and affirming what you desire all day while doing nothing in the 3D world to affect that change. Rather, conscious creation through creative visualization or any other manifesting technique is about effectively using your mind's power to change what you assume about yourself, about others and about life so that the actions you take both mentally and physically, and the conditions that follow, change to match those assumptions.

What Inspired Action is NOT

Inspired action does not mean to sit around waiting for the proverbial penny to drop while doing nothing. Nor is inspired action about running around in a frenzied state doing everything you can possibly think of to hurry things along or frantically testing to see if your new assumptions are working. Impatience leads many down the wrong path of taking desperate actions aimed either at forcing their desired conditions to manifest faster or else testing to see how things are coming along. And finally, inspired action is not about talking endlessly about what you are imagining. In fact, do not talk about your intentions whether verbally or by sharing them on social media or in any other way for that matter.

Lessons from a Seed

When you plant a seed in the soil, you do not dig it up every few minutes to see if it is growing, nor do you pull on the first shoots that appear above ground to hurry it along. Both these actions will either uproot the seed or destroy it altogether. When intentionally planting a seed in the soil you have already imagined the seed's bloom above ground because that is why you planted it in the first instance. And then you trust and believe it will grow from the invisible depths of the soil to emerge in the visible outer world above ground, as long as you take the necessary outer world actions for it to do so, such as watering it, protecting it from the elements and so on. This then is the essence of inspired action and you can use this analogy to understand the action you must take by comparison.

In the same way, when planting a mental seed in your subconscious mind through creative visualization, you have already imagined the conditions you are wanting to experience, and you then trust and believe those conditions will materialize in your outer physical world, as long as you take the inspired actions for them to do so while protecting your mental seed from unwanted thoughts and doubt. So let us now take a look at inspired action in more detail.

How to Take Inspired Action

Inspired action is what naturally follows what you imagine to be true through creative visualization. By imagining specific conditions as you wish them to be in the present moment, you will find opportunities arising that were not there before. You do not have to worry about how such opportunities will arise and sometimes they will present themselves as if by magic. All you have to do is take the inspired action that naturally presents itself as a result of the new opportunities that arise. In the same way, by changing what you assume to be true about yourself, about others and about life, then you will find yourself naturally taking the actions that match those new assumptions, rather than continuing in the actions of your old assumptions.

Your Actions Feels Natural

The best way to describe inspired action is that it feels natural because it naturally follows your visualization as you assume the new state of your desire fulfilled. In other words, the more you believe what you are imagining, the more natural the actions that follow will feel. Stay calm and be deliberate and intelligent in the inspired action you take, knowing that whatever you do is taking you towards your intended outcome.

The point is to act consciously inwardly through your mental imaginings so that the outward actions that follow are purposeful and take you towards the life you desire to experience. If you find yourself wanting to take a certain action very quickly without much consideration for the reason, the chances are that the action is not an inspired action and nor is it purposeful. You are more than likely simply wanting to do it before your intuition guides you otherwise. Slow down and listen to your intuition. You always gain the power of those unwanted actions you do not yield to.

Taking, Stopping and Needing No Action

Depending on the conditions you are wanting to change, you may be inspired to take new continuous action in a certain direction or else to stop your past actions altogether if they are not in alignment with your new state, with the latter sometimes being the more difficult of the two. And there are of course those changes that sometimes require no direct physical action at all to materialize because it takes place automatically. Now let's take a look at each type of inspired action in turn by way of some examples as discussed below.

Taking New Inspired Action by Example

If you are wanting to attain a healthy slim body you may find opportunities presenting themselves by way of learning of a new healthy way of eating that best suits your tastes and lifestyle or you may meet someone quite unexpectedly that is a personal trainer who offers their services to you, and so on. Similarly, the more you imagine yourself having and enjoying your body in the perfect health and shape you desire, the more your old ways of eating and physical habits will naturally fall away.

Stopping Previous Actions by Example

Madness can be defined as doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result—a definition of insanity often attributed to Albert Einstein albeit wrongly so. If for instance, you want to manifest someone specific or more positive actions from someone then it should be obvious that your beliefs about relationships and the actions you have been taking as a result of those beliefs, have not yielded the results you want. Say you have a negative belief that 'relationships are difficult' or 'the person I desire never desires me for long' then you may have been overcompensating in your relationships by sending an untold number of messages with little or no reciprocation for example.

Now, by assuming a new positive belief that 'relationships are joyful and easy for me' and that 'any person I desire, desires me in return and showers me with all the attention I could ever want' then you naturally stop those previous actions. Doing nothing, however, is often more difficult than doing something when you have long been doing the latter. Stopping an action is an inspired action in itself. Nevertheless, if you assume the state of your new beliefs, there's nothing left for you to do but live and act from that state, and the messages you were once sending will start coming your way.

Needing No Direct Action by Example

Some changes that do not require direct inspired action beyond the mental actions you take. This is often the case when healing yourself and others with the mind. If you assume and imagine the state, for instance, of a disease having being cured and you or another person living in perfect health, there is often no direct action you need to take for the healing to materialize.

Another example is imagining a change in your physical appearance such as growing taller (something I achieved at the age of 33)—again there is nothing for you to do but imagine and then let your body grow taller naturally. The reason for no action being needed in both these examples is because the inspired action is already being carried out automatically by the body by way of your mental instructions through the mind-body connection.

Mental Action, Begets Physical Action

Generally, therefore, mental action is always followed by physical action inspired in one of three ways. The first is metaphysical action by way of the outer world opportunities that present themselves as a result of your mental actions but without your direct participation. In other words, the outer world rearranges itself to match your new assumptions with you having no concern about how. The second is physical inspired action on your part, which is the physical actions you take when purposefully acting on the opportunities that arise as a result of changing your assumptions, or else the alternative which is to stop taking a specific action. And the third is automatic action; for example, the inspired action that the body takes when subconsciously following your mental instructions.

Action begets action. And more specifically inspired action in your inner world through creative visualization or other manifesting techniques begets inspired action in the outer physical world.


In a nutshell, the sixth and often overlooked step in the conscious creation process through creative visualization or any other manifesting technique is to take inspired action, which is more often than not to take the actions that naturally arise as a result of the new opportunities that present themselves. You may also be inspired to stop taking certain actions when it is your previous actions that were keeping your desire at bay through your underlying negative beliefs—this too is inspired action. Or else, you may find that mental action gives rise to automatic physical action, which can be seen as the inspired action of the body in the case of healing for instance. Put simply, creative visualization for manifesting always begins with action in the Mental Plane and is followed by some form of action on the Physical Plane. The key is for the inspired action you take to feel natural, not forced, and for each action to have a purpose. Slow down and, as always, your intuition is your greatest ally.

Written by Tania Kotsos
Date Published: 19 January 2021
Last Updated: 15 January 2023


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