Know Your Why when Manifesting

Why do You Want What you Want

Know your why for wanting whatever it is you want, be it a relationship, wealth, health, a new car, a new home, a more spiritual experience or anything else you may desire. When you know your why, what you want becomes necessary and as the saying goes, "necessity is the mother of invention" or more specifically "of creation" for our purposes. It is necessity that drives creation.

The Power of Necessity

The easiest way to find the will, persistence and patience to create what you desire in your life is to make it necessary to you. Ask yourself why you want something and the necessity (if any) will reveal itself. Simply wanting something without it being necessary, usually fails to yield the same results that come with knowing your reason. The etymology of the word 'necessary' is from the Latin 'necessarius' meaning 'unavoidable or indispensable'. In contrast, something that you desire, without it being necessary, is usually something you can do without, whether it is because you've never had it or because you don't know why you want it.

Ancient Greek Teachings on Necessity

Necessity is so powerful that the Ancient Greeks personified this cosmic force as the goddess Ανάγκη or Ananke, deemed the most powerful director of circumstance. Here are some quotes from Ancient Greek philosophers on necessity:

  • "Strongest is Necessity because it governs all things."—Thales
  • "Necessity is the mother of invention"—Plotinus
  • "Even the gods do not fight against Necessity"—Plato
  • "Even the gods are convinced in the face of Necessity"—Plato
  • "Nothing is more powerful than Necessity"—Euripides

The ancient Greek physicist Parmenides postulated that "nature abhors a vacuum". It is necessity that creates the vacuums that nature seeks to fill. And finally, William Shakespeare in Julius Caesar put it this way: "Nature must obey necessity".

What is Necessary for You?

You may desire several things but do you know your why? Do you know which of all your desires are truly necessary to you? For a desire to be necessary you must know why you want it. Anything is as necessary as the reason for it. You can of course desire anything from being wealthy to having a loving relationship to living a more spiritual life, but there must be a reason for each. Most people, however, exist in a state of desiring most things only because it is what society deems desirable and fall short of identifying what they truly want and why, and so they fail to attain it.

Why, Why, Why? Know Your Why!

Whenever you think of something you want, ask yourself why? If your answer is vague or something like 'just because' then the chances are that you don't want it enough. You must make your desire necessary to you by discovering why you want it, which is to know your why. The greater the necessity, the greater its purpose and the more likely its creation in the Physical Plane. And when something is necessary, you find the will, persistence and patience to set out to attain it rather than just wish for it.

Your Reason Makes Your Desires Necessary

Your desires may very well be necessary for you, the only difference being that you have never thought of them in that way. Wanting to be wealthy for instance is just a desire. What is the reason for your desire to have more money? What is your why? It may be because you want to travel the world and discover different cultures. It may be because you have a great business idea that you have always wanted to execute. It may be because you want to purchase a beautiful home for your family, and so on. Whatever the reason, the point is to know your why.

There are also many levels of reasons you may desire something—so let's dig deeper. Sticking with the example of wealth and starting with a mental image of money. There is little to work with here because there is nothing personal to imagine. Now, if your reason is to purchase a home for your family, again ask yourself why. What will that home offer your family? It may be for their safety, it may be for their greatest joy, it may be for a myriad of reasons.

When you don't know your why you have no real reason to pursue something. In contrast, by knowing your why and imagining your desire with all your reasons for wanting something as already being fulfilled, then your imaginings will feel more real, more tangible and more necessary. And when you've imagined your desire enough in this way, you will find the drive to persist and you will have "the gods on your side".

Having a Reason Activates Your Will

When you want something without knowing the reason it usually feels foreign to you or you have little drive to attain it and so it remains something akin to wishful thinking. While desire alone may be a powerful driving force to begin with, it quickly runs out of steam in the absence of a reason. To transform a desire into a necessity you must add purpose. And to add purpose is to know your why.

When you have a big enough reason to have, do or experience something, then you activate your will and it is your will that directs creation. Your reason is reason enough! And your will in this sense does not mean to force yourself, anything or anyone into compliance. Will power belongs to your True Self and requires no force. It is your will that something be done.

Necessity Need Not Be Desperate

Needing something is usually associated with being desperate. This is because most people wait until the final hour before even acknowledging a real need for what they want. In other words, they wait until they desperately need a specific outcome before activating their will to create it. This is the reason why most people produce best under pressure and lack the necessary drive to produce the same results under normal circumstances. It perhaps also explains why things happen at the so-called 'eleventh hour' or 'last minute' because it is then that the need is greatest.

Instead of waiting for the feeling of desperation to bear down on you, you can learn to create the same motivating drive to create your desire by knowing your why and so consciously generating a great enough reason for you to attain it. And when you have faith and understand that your mind isUniversal Mind, you will be able to effortlessly detach from the outcome, knowing that all your reasons have already been fulfilled and that it is only a matter of time before your conscious creation is manifested in the Physical Plane.

In the Beginning, There was the Reason

You have probably heard the Biblical saying "In the beginning, there was the Word". This is a direct translation of the Ancient Greek saying «ΕΝ ΑΡΧΗ Ο ΛΟΓΟΣ», pronounced 'en arhee o logos'. The Greek word 'logos', however, has two meanings. The one meaning is 'word or speech' and the second is 'reason'. It is my conviction that the original meaning of this saying may just be 'In the beginning, there was the Reason'. And in the case of The Absolute or God, the reason was for creation itself to be manifested.

The Reason To Experience One's Self

You may ask, what was the reason The Absolute created the Universe? And my answer is to experience Itself, because something that is Absolute cannot have an experience since there is nothing outside of It to have an experience in relation to. This is also the reason you, as the mighty I AM that is a Divine Spark of The Absolute, is projecting your consciousness as a 3D physical experience with the physical you as your protagonist—to experience your Self.

Since everything and everyone in your experience is a projection of your consciousness, no one and nothing is separate to you. This means you could not have a meaningful experience without this illusory relative 3D world of 'you and outside things and people' as your dreamworld. And since everyone and everything is a projection of your consciousness, the joyful desires you want to create for yourself, you also want to create for others. When you remember who you truly are, the only reason you will ever need to create anything is for the experience itself. And more specifically, for the highest and most joyful experience of Life for all. This is what it means to know your why at the highest expression of reason.


In a nutshell, only when you know your why or the reason you desire something can that desire become necessary for you. And when something is necessary to you, your imaginings become more tangible, your efforts more persistent and your inner world more patient. To know your why awakens the power of necessity which in turn awakens your will and your will is the director of creation. A desire alone without your will is little more than wishful thinking. The greater your why, the greater is your reason and the greater is your will, and as the saying goes 'where there's a will there's a way'. When all is said and done, the reason for your experience of life is your will and desire as your True Self to experience your Self.

Written by Tania Kotsos
Date Published: 24 September 2011
Last Updated: 12 November 2021


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