How to Leave the Past Behind

Leave the Past Behind with Mental Time Travel

You can leave the past behind where it belongs—in the past. To move on from the past, there is no need to travel faster than the speed of light or break any laws of physics to travel back in time. All you need to do is access a world that is not subject to time. You have instant access to such a world. This world is your mind and more specifically, your imagination.

Mental time travel is always at your disposal. And you can do so because the Physical Plane is subject to the constraints of space and time (spacetime) but the Mental Plane is not, at least not to the same degree. In a dream, many years can elapse in a few hours and in the same way you can use your imagination to mentally travel anywhere in time, backwards and forwards, without any obstacle. Your mind is a time machine.

Three Techniques to Transmute Your Experiences

There are three techniques you can use for changing your past experiences and the memories you carry. This article looks at how to leave the past behind, or else move on from the past, by using a Mental Time Travel Technique to 'freeze' negative experiences in the past rather than carrying them with you into your present moment. The article Change Perception by Changing Beliefs discusses how to change your perception about negative experiences by changing your beliefs. And the article How to Change the Past with Revision is about changing the experience itself in its entirety, with no concern for the details of the original experience. It is up to you to determine which technique, or a combination thereof, is most appropriate for the experience you are wanting to change.

The Timelessness of the Universe

To better understand just how you can leave the past behind through mental time travel, here are a few excerpts about time from some of the greatest scientific minds. Albert Einstein said “[the] distinction between past, present, and future is only an illusion”. Stephen Hawking wrote, “the universe does not have just a single existence or history, but rather every possible version of the universe exists simultaneously in what is called a quantum superposition”. And the physicist, David Bohm, said: “Ultimately, all moments are really one, therefore now is an eternity.”

Without having to understand the physics behind the timelessness of the Universe, it has profound implications for your view of reality in the context of conscious reality creation. It means that the past, and more specifically your past and every possible version of it, exists right now (as does the present and future but that's for another article). The past, therefore, is not something relegated to memory alone. It exists at the quantum level and so does every version of it whether you have physically experienced it or not. And you can access any possible version with your imagination knowing that you are there because it already exists.

Give Every Experience its Rightful Place

The subconscious mind cannot distinguish between what is physically experienced and what is imagined. This means that every time you mentally re-live a negative experience, unwittingly adding some extra negativity as you go along, your mind believes you are experiencing it again. So instead of living an experience just the one time, you live it a hundred, a thousand or even countless times. And so, instead of being able to leave the past behind and moving on, one part of you is stuck in the past, while another has brought it along with you to your present moment.

TECHNIQUE: Leave the Past with Mental Time Travel

By learning to mentally travel through time with this technique you can leave the past behind by freezing a negative experience in the exact moment in time that it happened.

Step #1: Identify the Experience

The first step to leave the past behind is to identify a past negative experience that you know is holding you back in life—one that you perhaps play over and over in your mind, or one that you know is somehow always mentally present even if not consciously so. You can also identify any negative beliefs that played a role in the experience and the ones that its persistent memory has been reinforcing.

Step #2: Imagine Your Timeline

Next, in a relaxed state of body and mind, with your eyes closed, mentally create an image of a horizontal timeline of your life where the furthest point to your right is your present moment. To use this timeline to leave the past behind, make sure your timeline includes a specific point for your negative experience as well as a length of time before that experience, stretching back as far as you want it to, even into your childhood. With this timeline in mind, mentally sense how you have carried the negative experience with you since its occurrence through to the present moment and how its shadow has somehow hovered at every point and coloured every experience thereafter.

Step #3: Freeze the Experience in the Past

Imagine yourself travelling backwards in time along your timeline until you come to your experience. If it is too difficult for you to mentally re-live, you can do so as if watching a movie without having to experience it from a first-person perspective although you can if you want to. With the new clarity you have gained, mentally freeze the experience in its place and thank it for its lesson, knowing that it cannot follow you back to your present moment in its frozen state. You can imagine a padlock in place or the event quite literally being frozen over.

Step #4: Go to a Time Before the Experience

Next, continue to travel back in time to a point when those negative beliefs or feelings that created the experience did not exist. You may find that you have to travel back well into your childhood years or you may find that the experience itself created new negative beliefs. In the case of the latter, imagine travelling back to the closest point that is unrelated to the experience.

Now, if you are not doing so already, project your consciousness into the scene from a first-person perspective and truly feel how light, happy, carefree and confident you felt without those negative beliefs and feelings. Step into and embrace these feelings as if you are feeling them in the present moment and sense the relief that comes over you now that the negative beliefs are not present. Continue imagining this moment for as long as it takes for you to feel that it is real for you in the moment.

Step #5: Return to the Present Moment

Mentally make your way back along your timeline to the current moment. See yourself effortlessly gliding past your once negative experience without any emotion and notice how it is and always will be frozen in time as just one of your many life experiences. Notice its absence from every point thereafter as you continue travelling forward to your present moment.

And when you come to the present moment, sense how the present feels different to what it was before your time travels and how your expectations about the future have changed now that it is no longer under the influence of that experience. Feel how you have left the past behind and have now moved on. Allow yourself to enjoy this sense of freedom and lightness. In this state of inner strength, start to mentally count upwards and slowly open your eyes. Repeat this exercise for any experience you wish to let go of.

Creating a New Present Moment

When you move on from the past in this way you effectively create a different present moment. You are now effectively on a new timeline because every already-existing past moment that has elapsed since the now frozen negative experience has changed. By leaving the past behind, every moment that is not under the influence of the frozen event is a different possible version of your past, so effectively you are on a different possible version of your present than before—one that is free from the influence of the event.

Your Reality is Yours to Create

Your past experiences have no power over you, other than the power you grant them. Resolve now to release yourself from the grip of the perceived negativity of your experiences and allow yourself to enjoy the glorious game that is life. Apply this Mental Time Travel Technique with consistency to leave the past behind and you will enjoy much positive transformation in all areas of your life. In a very short period of time, you will find that while the specific experience may still exist in your memory, there is no emotion attached to it, you are stronger because of it and you are free of its influence.

By Universal Law, and more specifically the Law of Attraction, you cannot attract the same negative experience into your life once you have positively changed the belief that originally attracted it to you because your vibration has changed and since like-vibration attracts like-vibration the negative will find nothing to be attracted to. You may at first still experience some remnants of the old experience in the present moment but do not become frustrated. They are just shadows of the 'old you' and it's just a matter of time before the old experience has no place in your present moment in any way because you will have left the past behind and moved on.


In a nutshell, too many people create their lives in the shadow of their past negative experiences and in so doing hold themselves back from achieving the success or changes they strive for. You can free yourself from the negative influence of a past experience by travelling back to the moment in time that the experience took place and freezing or locking it in place. Indeed, you can leave the past behind and move on from the past, rather than carrying it with you indefinitely. When you learn to see your negative experiences as an opportunity to learn and change something about yourself, you will find the pain you once felt will have been transformed into gratitude for a lesson well learnt and a life that has changed.

Written by Tania Kotsos
Date Published: 8 November 2010 Last Updated: 15 August 2022


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